Ross Recreation Programs

Science at Bacich (Kindergarten)

Instructor: Holly Salamun
8 weeks
This science program is designed for young children as a way to stimulate an interest in science. They will learn a simplified version of the scientific method of: *What is a question *How can we find an answer *What do we think will happen * Test our guesses. They will also explore science skills: *Observing, Classifying, Sorting, Measuring, Using Numbers. We will be communicating what we learned with words, art, song and games. 8 wks No Class: 4/10, 4/17.
K - K grade
04/03/18 - 06/05/18 Tuesday Spring18
1:10 - 2:10
Bacich School
Room 9
$ 285 FULL: Join Waitlist Science at Bacich (Kindergarten)

Carpentry at Bacich

Instructor: Nat Davis
9 weeks
This after school program is designed to teach boys and girls practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. These skills include measuring, fractions, sawing, drilling, rasping, fastening, sanding, shaping, design, and assembly. In the process of learning these skills, students will have an opportunity to create fun, functional and beautiful projects, and will be exposed to a variety of valuable concepts such as abstract reasoning, fine motor skills, respect for tools, and patience. Material fees included in cost.
Nat Davis has been teaching woodworking skills to kids for over 13 years. 8 wks, No class 4/13.
K - K grade 5 - 6 year olds
04/06/18 - 06/08/18 Friday Spring18
1:10 - 2:20
Bacich School
Outside Room 30
$ 305 FULL: Join Waitlist Carpentry at Bacich
K - 5 grade 5 - 10 year olds
04/06/18 - 06/08/18 Friday Spring18
3:30 - 4:40
Bacich School
Outside Room 30
$ 305 NOT AVAILABLE Carpentry at Bacich

Doodlebug Creativity

Instructor: doodlebug
8 weeks
We'll explore all kinds of art materials and techniques, working on building confidence and curiosity. Clay masks, mixed media sculptures, pet portraits and collaged undersea cities are a few of the projects we'll tackle! This is the perfect age to commence a lifetime of creative exploration and self-reliance in the search for methods of self-expression. Did we mention fun? That, too! Note: things can get messy, so wear your painting clothes!
8 weeks. No class: 4/9, 5/28
K - K grade 5 - 5 year olds
04/02/18 - 06/04/18 Monday Spring18
1:10 - 2:10
Bacich School
Room 12
$ 280 FULL: Join Waitlist Doodlebug Creativity